we tailor our services to your needs.

Customizable Services

Eliminate worry & make your life easier.

It all depends on the occasion, your vision, the theme, your budget, the space you'll be using, and the food pairings.

We hand pick your ingredients. We choose staff that are suited for your event. For example, if we’re doing a wine tasting, we will have you consult with one of our sommeliers.

If we’re doing a Full Service Bar we’ll create a plan where we include the correct quantities, premium alcohol, mixers, ingredients, garnishings, disposables and equipment. 

We specialize in providing custom services. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll DELIVER.  

We offer hands-free beverage packages, which include: Staffing, bar equipment, glassware, juices, sodas, garnishes, Ice & more.

our professional services guarantee

We guarantee a successful event by offering the best VALUE we can. We are filling a void in the industry – the attention to detail that comes from a true cocktail company. We provide custom choices, state of the art techniques and presentation and personalized service. Our cocktail catering service is unique to each event.

Full Circle Event Solutions provides all supplies required to service a full bar including, bar tools, ice, glassware|cups, dispensers for chilling, sodas, juices, etc. Don’t skip on the quality. Give your event the attention it deserves.guarantee