We started as a mobile bartending Company. This is what we do best!

Bartenders, Mixologists & servers


Full Circle Event Solutions delivers professionally certified bartenders, each of whom have more then 10 years of experience. We specialize in servicing private gatherings, corporate events and weddings. We also work with event management firms & event planners to help them outsource talent. However, we don’t only provide the talent, we RENT you the BAR and stock it for you too!

Classic Bartendering & Serving

The RIGHT Bartending service adds the perfect extra touch to your event. Our clients have raved about the experience we’ve created for them. Take a look at our reviews.

To help protect you and your guests, we are a fully insured company. All our bartenders and servers are smart serve certified as well. Full Circle was started by a group of food and beverage specialists who were disenfranchised with the the lack of care in the industry. We groom our employees to do things the FULL CIRCLE way and ensure that our customers always come first. Our Team is committed to infusing your event with passion, flare and good drinks!


Please call: 647-285-1720 for pricing.

Mixologist & Cocktail Catering

Our professional cocktail bartenders are extensively trained in both modern and classic mixology techniques. We provide services for all occassions such as, corporate events, engagments, launch parties, weddings, ect. We take pride in providing an unforgettable cutom experience. Work with us to personalize your drink menu.

Treat your guests to sophisticated cocktails with Full Circle’s signature non alcoholic choices.  Your guests will enjoy a full service mocktail bar with industry leading drink options. 

Mixologist: (Please call for pricing)
Maximum of 5 cocktails|mocktails (we provide 2 FREE Custom Cocktails|Shots)
Cocktail Catering: Custom pricing based on your needs
(we can supply the drinks & glassware). 

We also RENT Cocktail Bars and stock them for you. Contact Us to find out more. 

“Everyone loves a great cocktail, but nobody wants to make one.”

Chose the brand you can trust!

our professional services Include:

We design custom drink menus, which don’t just allow you to choose the cocktails you love, but build your brand and highlight the theme of your event.

Value added Points:

  • Professionally Trained Mixologists, Certified by Bartending Ontario
  • We come full equipped, shakers, jiggers and strainers.
  • We offer more, and charge less. Delivering significantly more than other staffing agencies, while charging considerably less than other mixologist outfits.
  • Our mission is to bring a level of service and enthusiasm for our craft that far exceeds other mobile bartenders. The formula is simple: a love for mixology and a rock-bottom price point is the key to winning our clients’ satisfaction.