The Benefits of Mocktails

What are the benefits of mocktails?People usually go to a mobile bartender and ask for something special because they want to try something NEW. A bartender might look at that as a pain, or as something extra they must do, or maybe they’re busy and don’t have time to be creative. Sometimes I find that […]

5 Things you can do in Quarantine

If you’re sitting there asking yourself what day it is and you’re unable to remember the last time you left the house, you’re likely in need of some new ideas to try at home. Don’t go stir crazy, and don’t further cement that permanent spot in your couch while binge-watching all the popular shows right […]

Hosting Virtual Parties

Hosting Virtual Parties: When people started going into quarantine en masse a few weeks ago, virtual happy hours were still a novelty. “Where did these people get all their friends?” you said to yourself, seeing social media fill with gritty mosaics of people, all grinning at some sort of  inside joke. “I want to be a part […]